Mother Bunny Bunnies

Triple-stitched and durable



  Mother Bunny's World Famous BUNNIES!  
  Our bunnies are all made using high quality faux fur;  they measure approximately 12" high, are triple stitched all the way around, and have 3 squeakers! (one in the nose, one in the tummy, and one in the tail.)  That's THREE!! squeaks, for hours, (and hours, and hours) of enjoyment.

We never know what styles of fabrics we will have available at any given time.  The photos here are representative of fabrics that we have had.  Since the mills constantly are changing their fabrics, we buy what is available.  If you drop us an E-Mail, we'll be glad to let you know what is now in stock.  Just choose the bunny(ies) of your choice, we'll prepare an E-Mail invoice (including shipping costs), and we'll rush the bunnies to you after we receive payment.

We hate to brag (or maybe not), but many of our customers have told us that the bunnies last longer than any other stuffies they have ever had.  Of course, nothing is indestructible, as we learned from our neighbor's terrier.  Our girls have had their bunnies for over 5 years, and maybe they don't look nearly as nice as they did new, but the dogs don't seem to care.  Fully machine washable and dryable, (but keep in mind that the long-haired bunnies have a tendency to mat up when washed, but the dogs don't seem to mind it one bit).
  A Bargain at $25.00  
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  Remember, our stock of available Bunnies changes from day to day, sometimes hour by hour, so please E-Mail us by clicking here, and we'll let you know what is available